Fadi Ghanem MD: General Practitioner

How to make the most out of your visit when visiting a general physician?

Having some problems and looking forward to fix an appointment with a general physician?  While you do so, are you sure that you are fully prepared?  Meeting a doctor may be a normal activity for a few, but in order to gain the most out of your visit, it is necessary that you are prepared enough.

We were in conversation with a renowned general physician, Fadi Ghanem MD General Practitioner. He is a trusted doctor and is being preferred by families widely.  Here are a few points that Dr. Fadi suggested us that one should follow to make the visit to doctor really fruitful.

  1. What problem do you have?

Sit in a peaceful place and analyse actually what abnormality or problem you are facing and would consulting a general physician would be the right choice.  If you are having eye flu, it is always better to consult and ophthalmologist than to consult a general physician.

  1. Make a list of the questions that you have to ask from your doctor

There often are complaints that people forget asking things when they meet the doctor and regret later. It is thus highly recommended to sit with the person who is going to accompany you to the doctor’s place and discuss the questions that you need to ask.  That person might help you out in reminding the things. In case you are visiting alone, create a list of questions on a notepad and go ahead

  1. Are you allergic?

Although renowned general physicians like Dr. Fadi Ghanem always ask this themselves prior to writing prescription, it is necessary on your part too to inform the doctor about any allergies that you have so that the condition does not get worsen.

  1. Are you having any other medicines?

It is important to inform your doctor about any ongoing mediation that you might be having.  This will help the doctor plan out things better and he will avoid writing the combinations that have an associated risk factor with them.

Fadi Ghanem MD is a renowned general physician in the Woodland, TX and advises to interact as much as possible with the doctor to make the most out of your visit.

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