Things to Be Kept In Mind While Choosing a Family Doctor

A family Doctor is the most important person we need. When we consider the health care that we and our loved ones need. We fail to care for our health in an efficient way because of our busy schedules. And this is where our family doctor steps in with the promise to take care of the health of our family and provide a regular advice that ensures our well-being. However before choosing a family doctor we must keep few things in mind that would help to select the right person for our family’s health.


It is very important to find a doctor at an easily accessible distance from home. This is important because in case of an emergency, it will be a relief to find the doctor at a short distance.


It is best to appoint a doctor who is available after hours and on weekends. The availability also refers to the questions like:

Will be able to get an appointment easily in case of an urgent situation??

Will the doctor be available for over the phone advice and through emails?

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Your Need:

The requirement may vary from family to family. You must keep your need in mind before inviting someone to be your family’s doctor. The need may differ if you have a child at home or in case you have patient suffering from a chronic disease. Both these cases require special attention and care. Only when the comfort of the doctor in adhering to your specific need is taken care of, one must go ahead with his/ her appointment.

Is the doctor working in group setting or alone?

This is the question which needs to be kept in mind. It is not that a single practitioner will not be able to take care of your family’s health. But it is always advisable to look for a doctor who works in a group setting. This is preferable because, in case, the doctor is unavailable due to an emergency, he might be able to appoint his colleague to the rescue!

Age privileges at the hospitals:

It is preferable to go according to your specific need and set of mind. This is because some people have preferences for a young doctor as they think they will be updated with the modern ways treatments while some of us prefer a much more experienced one. Also we must be sure about the privileges that our doctor get at the hospitals we would like to be treated when in need.

And these are all the qualities, which you can look in Dr. Fadi Ghanem, your personal family doctor in Texas.

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